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Making Of Pictures:

01mof_Schlagerstar_RGB_s 02mof_Schlagerstar_RGB_s 03mof_Schlagerstar_RGB_s
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Pictures of the Directors:

MarcoAntoniazzi_RGB AntoniazziStadlober_RGB GregorStadlober_RGB
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Fotocredits: all © NK Projects

Please be aware that these photos are available exclusively for work associated with the film, duplication for other purposes is prohibited without the permission of the NK Projects. Use is free of charge when a photograph is credited “Photo: NK Projects“ and it is used for reporting about the film.

Schlagerstar – DVD out now

Available in selected stores and in Falter’s Online Shop
We are very proud: Schlagerstar is the opening film of the 37th Duisburger Filmwoche and is thereby celebrating its theatrical premiere in Germany.

The festival takes place from 4.11. – 10.11.2013. Schlagerstar will be shown on Monday November 4 at 8:00 p.m.
Schlagerstar wins the Audience Prize at the Diagonale 2013

World premiere 13.03.2013 at the Diagonale 2013 in Graz.

Wednesday, 13.03. 6.00 pm
Schubertkino 1

Saturday, 16.03. 4.00 pm
UCI Annenhof 5
Theatrical Release in Austria May 31, 2013.

The Film-tour dates can be found on the website.